Promotional products and the importance of having them available

Many businesses use a line of promotional products, and you may have started to wonder if this line of advertising is right for you.  There are many ways in which a line of promotional products can help increase sales for your company; don’t underestimate their value, and here’s why;

Promotional products can give you an open line of communication with potential customers.  Most people who receive a product from a company feel the need to return the favour in some way.  It also creates a good feeling towards your company and the service or product that you provide.  Giving a client something for free gives you the opportunity to chat with them and find out more about what needs you could fill.  A recent study found that 52% of promotional product recipients ended up doing business with that company. The other 48% said that, partly to due to their gift, they would most likely do business with that company in the future.

If you want to draw attention to your product or service, giving away promotional items is a great way to grab that attention.  One study proved that, during a trade show, the traffic to a booth that gave out promotional items increased by a whopping 176%!  It’s like you’re sending out a signal to the people wandering around that your booth is worth a stop.

The longevity of certain promotional items is incredible.  T-shirts, hats and pens tend to last for years and the wearer might be asked numerous times about the company’s logo that adorns any of them.  If you invest in a t.v, newspaper or radio ad, it offers a very limited time frame for your advertisement.  Even a poster or banner succumbs in the end to either changing times (it becomes outdated as your company shifts or expands) or the elements (weather, wind, etc).  Promotional items are general reasonably priced, and pack more punch for the dollars spent.

Your customers or potential customers are more likely to remember your company if they have items that bring you to mind over and over again.  Clothing or useful household items will trigger their memory again and again, so it’s a great way to increase brand recognition.  It’s also another way in which to reach audiences outside of your normal boundaries.  When a customer wears your t-shirt, for example, that t-shirt could travel miles beyond your normal customer base and reach out to those who are looking for a business just like yours.

Promotional items can lend a favourable image to your company in the minds of the general public.  Giving away a free product can be such a gesture of goodwill that it sends a message both to current and potential customers that you’re just an all around good company to work with. It can take years to develop strong and positive brand recognition.  Promotional items can cut that time down considerably.

Whatever your reason, promotional items are a wonderfully cost effective way to increase traffic to your business door.

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