We all know that branding – well executed – creates a lasting impression about your company in the eyes of your customers and prospects. People tend to associate good branding with credibility, quality, company personality and likeability to do business.

Getting your team (at all levels) dressed in your corporate branding goes a long way in influencing people’s opinions about your business. It piques interest in your business and sparks conversation that would, otherwise, not have taken place. With your entire team walking around in public places with our brand, the more people will see your name, the wider will be its reach and more conversations about your business can start.

Branded corporate apparel has both – internal and external – benefits.

  • Common Corporate Culture

While your business may define a dress rule, the various personalities in the company may result on a panoply of apparel that may not portray a unified look of your brand. Branded corporate apparel ensures that every employee in your business follows the same dress code that is professional yet comfortable.  This unified look also helps build a distinct corporate culture among employees. You can also use branded apparel to break barriers in the organizational hierarchy and this leads to better communication and team building between employees.


  • Sense of Identity

The bigger your business the more the chances of your employee base being spread out Having a corporate branded apparel program allows the team members from various places identify with the organization as a whole and feel included and enveloped within the organization.


  • Reliable image

Research has established that people tend to associate corporate apparel with well-established companies. Corporate apparel conveys to them a sense of professionalism and skills and the consistent appearance reinforces the feeling of reliability in their minds.


  • Endorsement  

When you give away good quality apparel with your logo to customers or other prospects, by wearing them they’re implying that they endorse your product or service.  This implication is seen and perceived by the general public around them.  Because we rely on advice from friends and family, it’s an easy way for a potential customer to recognize and gain information from someone who has had experience with you.


  • Quality

People associate branded items with higher quality. Provided you choose an apparel of good quality to give away to your customers / prospects, adding a logo on them elevates the apparent quality of your organization in the minds of the recipient.


  • Lasting Power

We all tend to get comfortable in our clothes and wear them for as long as they hold out.  Commercials and radio ads are fleeting in nature and will tend to be tuned off if they are not refreshed regularly. Good quality clothes and the advertising on them can last, and the dollars you spent over the years they’re out there promoting your company can work out to the cheapest form of advertising you’ll ever use.

Research has also established that the cost per impression that branded apparel gets you is far lower than any other means of promotion. While mass media like newspapers or electronic media can cost you in excess of $2 per impression over the lifetime of the ad, the cost per impression you get from branded apparel is just a few cents.

Thus, getting your entire team in a branded career apparel not only takes your marketing dollars a long way but also gives you all the benefits enumerated above.

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